Projects that I have worked on with others or created myself.

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the most notable ones. Some of them are available on github, so if you see something that piques your interest, check out the code, and do not hesitate to reach out for feedback.

  • MyServerDubai

    MyServerDubai provides dedicated hosting servers, VPS hosting servers and managed hosting servers from Dubai's data center. Created with a team of developers for Kasovy OÜ.

  • UFPE

    With a grand total of 1408 stylishly designed football cards featuring hand-picked players, UFPE is the hottest place to get your hands on unique, must-have collectibles of turbo-charged attackers, impenetrable defenders, and goalkeepers with lightning fast reflexes. Created as an MVP for a client as a freelancer.

  • Lea Digital Platform

    A platform for connecting clients and coaches through a centralized platform. Created for Lea Growing People as the Lead full-stack developer.

    internal tool(for now)

  • Meta Locker

    Reduce churn and increase conversion rates in the emerging Web3.0 market. Contributed to the Meta Locker project as a wordpress plugin developer.

  • Meta Auth

    Reduce the friction of 2FA for your users with a one click browser wallet solution. Contributed to the Meta Auth project as a wordpress plugin developer.

  • Meta Age

    One click age verification through any browser wallet. Contributed to the Meta Age project as a wordpress plugin developer.

  • Restaurant Reviews

    A website for finding and rating restaurants created using the MERN stack.

  • BilHeal

    BilHeal is a proposed web app for Bilkent University's Health Center that aims to ease the interaction between patients and the health centre's staff. It was created as a group project for the Object-Oriented Software Engineering course.

  • Kapibaro

    Kapibaro is a programming langauge for IOT devices created using Lex & Yacc tools. It was created as a group project for the Programming Languages course.


    SEEEM is a feature-rich music app created using Java and Firebase. It was created as a group project for the Introduction to Programming II course.

  • Greenhouse Monitoring System

    Greenhouse Monitoring System is an app that monitors greenhouses using connected virtual sensors created using React Native. A hobby project (still in development).


  • NoteScrapper

    Insert a link and get all the pdfs included on the webpage as a zip file created using python. A hobby project (still in development).